Activity #19: Invite someone dangerous to tea

by Whitney Moss on May 9, 2011

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I was driving down the street yesterday when a friend, Andrea, pulled out in front of me in her station wagon. I was only driving behind her for only a couple of blocks, but we rolled down our car windows to wave at each other and grin like goofballs at the simple coincidence of seeing each other on the road.

Andrea Scher, co-creator of Mondo Beyondo (Google it!)

Andrea is one of the most thoughtful and inspiring women I’ve met, and though we’ve only hung out ten times or so over the past few years, some of the things she has said are the things that have stuck with me or changed my perspective in fantastic ways. Andrea was a rookie mom to baby Ben when she wrote this at her blog

After my post about friendship, my friend Kalah shared something that I loved. She said,
“When you’re feeling most isolated, remember that you can always bring the party to YOU. Friends without children might not have an idea of your daily goings-on and may put off calling because they don’t want to be intrusive. Inviting them into your fold reassures them that you still appreciate their friendships and they feel like they’re saving you some time and energy when they make the effort to meet you where you are. It’s ok to let go of perfectionism when it comes to the state of your home when it comes to visitors–most people understand that you’re living the real, visceral life.”

In the spirit of bringing the party to me and my favorite SARKism “Invite Someone Dangerous to Tea,” I decided to invite the owner of Speesees, Rachel Pearson for tea. (We had only “met” via email after I ordered some goodies) She is pure color, creativity, fun and talent. I was SO inspired by our conversations about business and dreams and love. She made my day and reminded me that one of my greatest pleasures is connecting with other creative women/kindred spirits/people I admire.

It’s funny, since that event took place, I’ve had Andrea over several times, and by pure coincidence, met Rachel, who she dared herself to meet.

Can you invite someone dangerous to tea this week? This is your 19th rookie mom challenge. Take a chance on a person you don’t know well.  “Tea” is the perfect invitation for a mid-day meet up and can be at your breakfast table with tea and fruit or at a cafe where you don’t have to clean up anything.

Tell us, who do you have in mind? A mom you’ve met a few times at yoga? Your old boss who you miss? A friend of your mom’s who always tells funny stories?

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