Activity #11: Interrupt someone’s work day

When your partner works on the other side of a toll bridge from your home, visiting him at work costs a minimum of $5.00. But still, it’s an adventure worth doing.

I think it’s feasible for most professions, but feel free to let me know if you are someone for whom this suggestion is ridiculous. (If your partner works at home or does not work… go visit a friend or your old coworkers.)

I assumed I would do this all the time while I was on maternity leave, but it only happened once. (See cost of driving above.) Therefore, I now see it as a major outing. I suppose it depends entirely on the commute.

This is your eleventh weekly challenge.

Rookie Moms Challenge #11 - Go visit someone at work

The day I drove over the bridge and went to meet up with Ryan, he was more interested in getting out of the office to see us than in having us come in to show off the baby. Fine by me. I didn’t need all those germy people putting their hands on my baby. We had lunch together outside and Julian slept through the entire thing. He had no knowledge of his extra time with Dad that day, but hey, I got to use a restroom all by myself. What a special event!

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