I say it’s my birthday

Tomorrow I’ll be 38 years old. I had this romantic notion that for the ten days leading up to my birthday I would give myself ten birthday gifts, which could include making something for myself, buying things on my wishlist, dealing with something that had been nagging at me, or taking some time to pamper myself.

I did not exactly accomplish a disciplined list of indulgences, but I will share with you some of my choices.

1. I am now wearing this ring, which I had filed a couple months ago in a folder called “Stuff I might treat myself to.” I ordered it on Monday and it arrived on Tuesday!

2. I took advantage of an invitation from Wacoal to get a complimentary bra fitting and new bra. I was delighted to see myself in a bra that really truly fits me. The size they assigned me was not one I had ever considered. Now, I want to buy eight more. (Maybe over the next eight years?)

3. I got a pedicure and read an issue of Lucky magazine, cover to cover.

4. I put on a bridesmaid dress  that I originally wore 1999 and went to see the movie Bridesmaids with two of my own bridesmaids (I got married in 2001) and our three partners.

5. At the grocery store, I added Jordan Almonds to my cart and ate them in one day.

Can I cram in five more birthday gifts to myself over the next 24-hours? I think I better order Indian food for dinner tonight. And maybe I’ll get around to that sewing project afterward.

As for tomorrow, the actual Birth Day, I don’t have any specific wishes. I feel like I’m leading a pretty charmed life and I guess because of that, I’m not craving a birthday party or even a night out with a group of friends. (I know this is not satisfactory to Heather so I am allowing her to take me to lunch next week at Burma Superstar in Oakland.)

We are headed to a hotel near Santa Cruz for a family weekend with my mom and stepdad, which will probably include a visit to the Monterey Aquarium and the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. A good fish taco meal, a log jam ride with Julian, and taking an afternoon nap with Scarlett are all viable candidates for my self-gifting list this weekend.

What are some birthday gifts you’d like to give to yourself? Material or non-tangible are both valid.