I am a stealth applier of lotion (sponsored)

This post is sponsored by Aquaphor, makers of the ointment that cures all. (<— That is not their tagline. I made it up just now.)

My son, at six, still has the softest cheeks, shoulders, and feet, just like an infant, but his hands in the winter–  they feel like they belong to a 40-year old dock worker.  They need treatment on a regular basis. I have struggled to identify the right time of day to put lotion on this kid’s hands. He’s always about to touch something, to eat, to wash his hands, to get dressed. I know that if I rub stuff on his hands right before we leave for school, he’ll spend next few minutes wiping them on his pants.

So every night before I get in bed, I sneak into his room to perform a skin-soothing ritual. Well, honestly, I don’t have to sneak: I could walk in there and flip the lights on, trip over a pile of pretend food, and slam my knee into his bed frame, and he wouldn’t wake up. Therefore, when I go in, I locate his hands, which can often be found wedged under his leg or two stuffed animals and place them up near his face in the surrender position. Then I rub Aquaphor on his hands.

When I described this to Heather, she suggested that I might wear a headlamp to be more effective on my mission. And to look cooler. Tip noted.

Not familiar with the stuff? Aquaphor is a healing ointment that leaves sort of a glistening film which soaks into the skin over time. Rub it on your feet and then sleep with socks on. You won’t be sorry. It is super moisturizing.

Another way we use it is to protect an owie that might sting upon entry to the bathtub. (My kids get really stressed out about this. Anyone else?) Put some non-stinging Aquaphor on the scrape and the water will not make contact with the skin beneath it.

If you have, like me, a kid who keeps wiping his nose or licking his lips to the point of irritation, a little tube of this stuff is your new best friend. It heals chapped skin quick-like.

And if you have, like me, another kid who refuses to let you put anything on his or her skin – ever – you might consider picking up a headlamp when you buy your Aquaphor.

Sponsory part of the post: See how parents, athletes, and babies make use of Aquaphor at their website AquaphorHealing.com. There’s also a dedicated BabyCenter community called The Comfort Zone, for you BabyCenter addicts.