Happy New Year and a bunch of other babbling

Well hello there, 2011. You sound so futuristic. And you are: I played countless games of Scrabble against the iPad this weekend.

Three things I want to report here.

1) Heather and I spent New Year’s Eve at her house with our husbands, eating chocolate cake and playing games. My parents were at my house with my kids while Heather’s boys were asleep in their bedroom. Even her Rock Band rendition of Pink’s So What, I’m Still a Rockstar did not wake them.

We hope you had very happy holidays.

2. Which brings us to the topic of resolutions, goals, and challenges.  We are working on a Rookie Moms challenge and will have more details for you soon. Maybe tomorrow.

3. Why do I say “maybe” tomorrow? Because my personal goal for 2011 is to keep the blogging and blog-related email to a minimum in the evening hours. If I have a laptop on my lap at night, I hope to be answering personal emails, planning family vacations, or researching preschooler ballet lessons. My resolution is to keep my work – which as of this year is officially this very blog and our local blog – limited to normal business hours. Of course, I’ve already failed by writing this post at 9 pm on Sunday night, but the goal is to improve my habits, not be perfect.

My other goal for 2011 is to complete Project 365. That is, each day I will take photos and nominate one per day to be part of my set of 365 that will represent my year. I hope to improve my photography skills, dedicate more time to being creative, and have an interesting album at the end of the year. I am thinking I might post them here every couple weeks so you can see how I’m doing.

Here is one from today.

Child at rest

That is my rookie baby Julian, captured in the way I used to photograph him when he was an infant, by standing above him and shooting down.

Over on BabyCenter.com, I made a long list of resolutions of this type – ones that a bunch of people can do together, record, and share results. If you’re interested, check out 10 group resolutions with which you just might succeed.

So, how was your New Year’s? Any resolutions you want to confess?