Good stuff I found for you

  • Little kid-sized backpacks – My son loves having his little backpack that fits his preschooler body just right. Cool Mom Picks shared a 25% off code for these hip toddler backpacks from Four Peas. Type in COOLKIDS at check-out.
  • Naptime gift project for shutterbugs – Tracey from ShutterSisters has posted a template for a 2010 calendar that fits in a jewel case intended for CDs. You add your own photographs and Tracey’s taken care of the rest. The template is a set of PSDs, so Photoshop knowledge is required.
  • A guide to being a baby cheapskate – Angie collates tons of coupons and alerts about diapers, toys, etc and publishes them every day. Get to know it.
  • 10 things you need in your closet – Sometimes you just need someone to tell you what to do.  Susan is telling you.
  • Skirt to toddler dress refashion inspiration – the sewing Britt describes might be too complex for some of us, but I’m totally inspired.

And finally, chocolate. Sucre sent me and Heather some delicious chocolate. Thank you, nice chocolate marketing people! I loved the dark chocolate bar with candied violet.  If you would like to buy chocolate for all your friends and neighbors, save $10.00 off artisan chocolate orders over $70 when you use the code SUCRE at

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