Giving it away: BPA-free, microwave-safe food storage containers from Kinderville

There are very few items that I get my hands on as a blogger that make me think “I want other parents to know about this!”  These silicon containers made by Kinderville are among the few.

If you are wary of putting plastics in the microwave, then you will be glad to know that you can put this stuff in there. So many kids plates are made of plastic; I end up scraping leftovers into another container for storage, and yet another for reheating. No more.

Super cute in color and fun for kids because they are “bendy”, I am pleased to give away a set of jars, bowls, and cups to one lucky winner. Hop over to the RookieMoms Facebook page and comment there to be entered.

On Monday, April 26, 2010, I’ll pick a winner from someone who has commented on our Facebook page. The prize is one set each of jars, bowls, and cups, all made of this nifty colorful silicon.  Thanks Kinderville!

UPDATE: I picked a winner, the 58th commenter on our Facebook page.  Thanks, everyone!