Activity #230: Get your baby a job


I saw the ad below for baby scientists in my neighborhood parent newsletter and it inspired me to think of more ways to find work for infants. A few ideas I have for getting your baby a job are:

  • Baby doll: Seek out an expecting couple you know and offer to let them practice on your baby. They can bathe your baby. Go do something else during the bath so that you don’t act like a total control freak and scare your friends.
  • Usability tester: If you live in the Bay Area, sign up for the LeapFrog toys user lab.
  • Actor/Model: If you live in LA or NY, now is the time to force your child into showbiz.
  • Cheerleader: Dress your baby in a college team outfit and take her to a sporting event. Let the team interpret her screaming as cheers.
  • Paperweight: If baby is not yet crawling, place him on a stack of papers.

If you live in my neighborhood, let your baby be a scientist:

The Infancy Laboratory at UC Berkeley, is seeking infants 7-12 months of age to take part in studies on cognitive and emotional development. The studies take about an hour of parents’ time (but only about 10 minutes of baby’s), and involve coming to the campus where you will have your own private parking space (for an hour). At Cal, you will see some of the world-famous studies on how infants develop (as seen on the Discovery Channel and PBS), and you can participate in helping psychologists learn about the infant’s mind!

According to the recruiters, the studies usually go fast, and most babies find them fun. They promise a t- shirt for your efforts. What’s more, in some studies, the babe will get her very first California Driver’s license AND a diploma from prestigious UC-Berkeley to show off to her friends.

For more information, contact the lab at infancy at, or call 510-643-0614 and ask for Amy or Thea.