Get the Skinny Scoop

When I wrote on our “About Us” page that Heather had spreadsheets for tracking party guests back in the post-college days and then for tracking her baby’s eating habits when he was born, I was not joking.  I am not such an alpha mom myself, but I do appreciate folks who do the number crunching for the rest of us. Those are the friends that can reassure us that men actually will show up at our parties – it’s just that historically they tend to arrive after 10.30 pm.  Ok, so what if that little made-up factoid is not relevant to the life I’m currently living.

When you ask another mom, “How old was your baby the first time you left him overnight?” you likely get a long story about how she wouldn’t have left, but there was this wedding, and her mom insisted, and yada yada. Wouldn’t it be awesome if your friend could also tell you whether or not she’s an anomaly — or if you are. For example: “50% of new moms leave their babies overnight by the end of the first year, with only 10% testing the waters in the first four months.”  Now that’s information.

If you are a lover of data like this, you will gobble up the questions and answers posted on Launched by two moms who know that every mama loves a sanity check, but that skimming message boards or opening five Amazon product detail pages in different tabs can be a sleep-stealing endeavor, the SkinnyScoop offers a quick survey tool.

Questions range from helpful (Did you teach your baby sign language? If you are done having children, what birth control do you use?) to silly (Would you want to look like Madonna — face and body — at age 50?)  The website reads like a parenting magazine – a splash of actionable advice, a shot of celeb gossip, and a smidgen of sexy revelations from strangers. But the real value is when you post your own questions – which you can do privately and anonymously.

What question do you have today that you’d like to ask a panel of moms?