Gap is to Old Navy as Gymboree is to …

If you already know the answer to this analogy, then pardon my ignorance, but for the rest of you, the answer is: Crazy 8. I just learned this.

Yes, Gymboree has launched a cheaper, hipper brand and my husband just told me about it as he unpacked some clothing for our kids he had bought online from Crazy 8. Hello? How does he know about a new kids brand before I do? Oh, because he is the master of e-commerce?

Anyhow, shipping is currently free and they have some 2-for deals like 2 tshirts for $12.

Note to Heather whose daycare does not allow onesies on babies: Many long-sleeved t shirts for Milo like the one pictured here which is $4.99.

And, for the fancy pants moms among you, did you know that Janie and Jack is the Banana Republic of the Gymboree family? Well, I didn’t until just now. Call me slow.

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