Flashback Friday: Whitney’s five fave posts of Heather’s in 2011

Heather has very strong opinions about certain things, and that, next to her hair, is one of her best qualities.

Tell her about a concert for preschoolers scheduled during naptime and she will tell you how misguided that is. A meeting during lunch hour that doesn’t include food? She will rant for the rest of the day. And if the food offered at the meeting includes cilantro, she might just walk out in the middle.

As her business partner of the last several years, I’m surprised how few arguments we’ve had. Mostly, her fiery convictions make me laugh. And smiling is one of my New Year’s Resolutions.

I hope one of Heather’s New Year’s Resolutions is to document more of her very strong opinions. Here are some that I enjoyed in 2011.

One more flashback item for the road. Here is my friend Heather posing for a picture with a total stranger, whose permission I do not have to share his picture.

This was ten years ago, and Heather and I had decided to stay out all night in San Francisco, hopping from location to location until dawn. This guy worked at the first restaurant we stopped at, and agreed to model for a picture as if he were on a date with her. Perhaps he is now a dad of three himself? The camera I carried that night was NOT EVEN DIGITAL!