Flashback Friday: Happy Birthday to Julian

Julian, the rookie baby who inspired this site, turned 6 years old on Friday.

At 6 months, he allowed me to take his photo like this.

He had more input on the shot this year

I prepared a survey for Julian to fill out to mark this point in time, the first birthday on which he was capable of independently reading and writing responses to a questionnaire, and it included the question, “What do you love about yourself?”

For most of us, this would stop us in our tracks, right? Deep thoughts. Self-doubt. Questioning.  For Julian, it was so simple.

I could drone on and on about how special I think this child is, but I won’t bore you.

Trust me, he is the smartest, most gifted, and amazingly affectionate boy on the planet. And it’s not just my opinion; his dad totally agrees.


A bit delayed, October in review, minus the Halloween-related posts. (But wait, first read my latest post on BabyCenter.com, Would you send your kids to Camp Grandma?)

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