Fantasy question: What would you outsource if you could? (sponsored)

Heather and I are both big fans of brainstorming. No idea is a bad idea. Just spill it out there. Use one ridiculous suggestion as a jumping off point for another one.

Today, we invite you to set your mind free, just for a moment. If you could make a list of ten things NOT to do, what would you do with the time you just gained back?

This post is inspired by TaskRabbit, a service that enables regular folks, without maids and butlers, to put an item on their to-do list into a website where “rabbits” will grab the opportunity to earn a few bucks and do the job for you. For example, our friend Christine in Boston told us that she’s already avoided three trips to IKEA by having task rabbits make the runs for her.

I made a little video on the topic. (The audio for my part came out really quiet, so turn up your speakers if you want to hear me!)

TaskRabbit is asking people to PROMISE they’ll do nice things for themselves with the time they’re getting back in their lives. I’d like to do one of the ten million craft projects I’ve bookmarked. I’d like to volunteer at my son’s school more regularly. I’d like to exercise for thirty minutes every day. (Enter your own promise on and be entered to win a trip for two and other prizes.)

Here’s how it works: Enter a task on their website. One of the task rabbits will get an alert on their cell phone or email and review your needs. They’ll reply telling you when they can do your task. You may receive multiple offers. You are free to accept whichever offer you like best.

Heather has already lined up someone to safely dispose of her expired medications.

So let me ask you now: What would you outsource to a task rabbit?

Disclosure: TaskRabbit has awarded me and Heather credit on their website so that we can take it for a spin. We’re going to report back later.