Expectant parents night out at the theater – tell your friends!

It’s no secret that Heather and I (and our husbands) are big fans of Dr. Harvey Karp. His 5 S-technique of soothing a newborn infant seemed like genius secrets we never could have come up with on our own. We recommend watching his DVD, The Happiest Baby on the Block during the last two weeks of pregnancy and again in the first few weeks of the baby’s life.

Then, in toddlerhood, he gave us more practical advice: talk like a caveman! While talking like a caveman feels idiotic, having that trick in my back pocket helped me out during some serious toddler tantrums. (Scarlett wants more bath! But Mommy said “No”! Scarlett is mad! Scarlett wants more! bath! right! now!) I still use a modified version of his strategy with Scarlett, repeating back what she wants so that she knows she’s being heard. For all the details, you gotta read the book.

On June 21 at 7.30 pm, hundreds of movie theaters across the country are going to host a Parents Night Out during which Harvey Karp will explain his slick parenting moves to the audience. (Click here for a list of participating theaters.) This is a one-night only event. Tickets are available now, and attendees will also receive free swaddling blankets.

I think this sounds like a great event for expectant parents. Tell your pregnant friends!