Do It Yourself: the easiest ever baby shower gift


{originally posted in 2010}

My friend Deb is due to have a baby next month. It’s her first; she will be a rookie mom.

Since the gender of the baby is a surprise, shopping was more challenging than I had imagined. I settled on a Bumbo Baby Seat because I think it’s a clever invention, and because I appreciate that it is not hideously decorated with bunnies or neon colored fish.

I also wanted to add a handmade item to the gift because Deb is an exceptionally creative person and she believes that I am, too. I don’t want to let her down.

I have been reading online about freezer paper stenciling for quite sometime, but cutting an ornate pattern with an exacto knife seems daunting.  Genius struck at 9 pm the night before the baby shower, however, and I realized that I don’t have to cut things out myself when I have craft punches.

circle punch

I grabbed a circle punch and punched two, then three, then four circles out of some freezer paper. Placed the freezer paper onto the shirts, ironed, and painted. My design is simple, gender-neutral, and modern. I think Deb liked them and I heard someone in the shower crowd ask if they were from J. Crew. I’ll take that as a compliment.

The circle punch above is from Martha Stewart and is $6 on Amazon. It’s my favorite toy.