Activity #131: Decorate baby clothes with fabric paint

This picture might look more glamorous than our lives really are, but these are actual bodysuits made for Holden at Heather’s baby shower, which I hosted.

How to decorate onesies at a baby shower

My college friend Meg, an advanced mom and author of The Rug Merchant (link provided for those who are looking to read quality fiction that is not about babies), emailed me to ask for tips on replicating this activity for her sister’s shower. Here’s the advice I shared with her for baby shower purposes:

  1. Wash and dry the onesies before the party (no fabric softener) to make the designs stick well.
  2. Provide stencils, easily found at Michael’s, so that everyone can feel successful in their design ability.
  3. Use wax paper as a non-stick surface to put fabric paint on and dab with your paint brushes.
  4. Also insert a piece of wax paper between the two layers of the clothing so that the artwork does not bleed through.
  5. Offer only 4-6 colors of paint so that there is a common color palette amongst all the shirts produced by the party
  6. Use a Sharpie to put each guest’s initials on the tag of the onesie they decorated so that mom knows who they’re from
  7. Set up a clothing line with clothes pins so that the finished work can be displayed and appreciated while it dries
  8. When the onesies are dry (24 hours), fold them neatly, stack them and tie with a ribbon. Deliver them to the new mom.

Meg reported from Albuquerque that this activity worked out fantastically and the shower was a success. Now she’s just waiting for that nephew to show up.

Photo credit: Heidi Swanson