Decorate baby’s room

Allergic to duckies and bunnies? Feeling too sophisticated or hip to welcome a baby into your home? We have some thoughts for you… and some of ‘em are downright cheap.

I was wandering around IKEA at about 15 weeks pregnant when I saw a baby’s room design that I loved. Mostly it was the stripes on the wall. They were so much fun, and gender neutral. I took a closer look at the wall and saw that IKEA had done me the favor of indicating exactly what paint brand and color they had used. Fast forward two months and I had my mom and stepdad under my command, painting along the straight lines I had pencil-sketched on the wall. (Instructions: Paint whole wall light color. Wait one day. Pencil in stripes. Tape along pencil lines. Paint darker color. Remove tape.)

Other suggestions from smart parents:

When you design your baby’s room, post a link to a picture! We love to see cool baby rooms and hip nurseries.

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