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Though we are not actively looking for guest writers, when the fit is right, we love it. If you have any real first-person stories about your adventures as a rookie mom (or dad), we’d be happy to consider it. We welcome contributors from a wide range of backgrounds, lifestyles, and experiences (as long as you have little kids).

Go anywhere new together? Try something you were afraid of? Come up with a good “pick up line” to meet another new mom? Find a product that changed your life? Do a cool craft during naptime? Figure out a fun moms night in to get your friends to come by? All good!

Topics we love to cover

Tell us about something awesome you actually did like:

  • Activities. Adventures and outings that you did with your baby.
  • Being fearless Doing something you were afraid of.
  • Crafts. Did you make something awesome for your baby during naptime?
  • Dads. Outings and activities with rookie dads.
  • Passions. Rediscovering your identity with the constraints of family life.

What we’re not looking for

  • Round-ups. We got that part covered. If you found out that Crisco works great as a diaper ointment, sunscreen, and stain-fighter, you should tell us but we don’t need “5 ways to get your baby to sleep on an airplane” or “5 uses for painters tape”. Odds are we’ve written it ourselves.
  • Being fake. Keep it real; don’t tell us the craft took you 20 minutes when it took 4 days and a professional intervention. Skip the crap that you think works great that you never even tried.
  • Ranting and being mean. Let’s keep the vibe here positive and supportive. Our focus is on celebrating the parts of parenting that are awesome, and inspiring families to find more joy and have fun with each other.

Disclaimers and things to keep in mind

We want to hear your authentic rookie mom voice shine through.

  • Get familiar with our values and style before submitting.
  • Send us a pitch of an idea before creating your post.
  • Blog posts should be 500-ish words with 1-3 photographs to which you have the rights (formatted at 590 pixels wide).
  • If accepted, your blog post may be excerpted in other places (your own blog, facebook, etc.) but should not appear anywhere else in full form.
  • We can’t publish everything we receive. Please don’t take it personally; you’re still completely awesome.
  • When you submit work to us, you grant your consent to let us publish it. You also grant your consent to let us edit it for length, tone, and clarity.
  • Email your post ideas to moms @ rookie with the subject GUEST POST

We don’t have a budget to pay our guest bloggers but we are thrilled to link to your personal website and share your work with our greater community.

No idea what I'm doing? Rookie Moms

Please note: We do NOT accept guest posts from SEO marketing companies or writers representing commercial websites. Because, ick.

[Illustration by Amy Saidens is from our book, The Rookie Moms Handbook. All rights reserved.]

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