Clutter-free gift idea for grandparents (sponsored)

Money! We all need it — now and in the future. The far off future in which your child packs up his car and drives away from your house…

To reach a college savings goal of $100,000 requires contributions of $256 a month if you start when your child is a newborn. Waiting 8 years to start saving means you will need to contribute $607 a month to reach the same savings goal.


ScholarShare and other 529 plans allow gift givers to deposit funds into your account, which seems like the best holiday gift ever. I wrote more about this after Heather attended a dinner sponsored by ScholarShare last week on our local site, >

Are you bold enough to ask your parents to help you save for college? Do they already do it?

*We are not qualified to give financial advice, or really advice of any sort. Please do research to make good decisions for your family. You can use Google to search for your state name and “529 plan” to get started.