Celebrity rookie moms-to-be: are they “just like us”?

My sister just made me aware of the recent rash of celebrity pregnancy announcements. If you are pregnant yourself, one of these famous moms-to-be could be your celebrity baby match. Which will it be?

Natalie Portman

Four-Months-Pregnant Natalie Portman in a Short Beige Dress at a Golden Globes After-Party


Mariah Carey (with twins)

Five-Months-Pregnant Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon at TNT's "Christmas in Washington 2010" in DC

Selma Blair

Alicia Silverstone

Tia Mowry

Jane Krakowski

Six-Months-Pregnant Jane Krakowski in a Blue Dress at the Golden Globes

photos: natalie portman, mariah carey, and jane krakowski, candy kirby on flickr; jewel: usweekly.com; the rest, other quality resources.