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Camping with a toddler, take 1

Take a toddler camping

In a case of perfect timing, I received this post from Christina just as I was packing to take my family on a modified camping trip. Her son, Robby, is nearly the exact same age as my little guy. I already know we disagree on a couple points, but I LOVE her very strong opinions […]

2 Toddler busy bag projects from popsicle sticks

wooden shapes from craft sticks

Do you already know about busy bags? They are super-awesome-contained kits of amusement for little people. [Related: 5 preschooler busy bags] Our guest contributor, Jennifer Marshall Pesetsky, has two new ones to share today. Plane rides are perhaps the most stressful thing for me to prepare for. Since we don’t fly frequently, and because my […]

Because you’ve got your hands full


Sponsored by our partners at giggle This month on our column at giggle, we had two posts to show you how much we love and want to help — while still affirming that you’re already doing a great job following your own instincts. As we gear up for more family trips, I shared 8 been-there-done-that […]

5 strategies to put HAPPY in your holidays

Not what we normally look like

Reposted from the wayback machine because it’s that time of year! Generally speaking, my extended family on my husband’s side (AKA in-laws) are a wonderful bunch of people that we don’t see nearly enough. Because we live clear across the country, we’ve grown accustomed to our own way of doing things so getting together involves […]