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Get on the ground and play at your baby’s level… or perform something so silly you hope nobody will see you!

Activity #171: Have a ball

baby and ball

An oldie republished for stir-crazy parents and kids. This morning, Milo was throwing train tracks at me. And some legos. And some scrambled egg. And a fork. It reminded me that I need to harness this energy and find something he could throw. Beach balls, like bubbles and 2- and 4-packs of crayons, are items […]

Makin’ it: Newborn photo opp


I saw this picture on Pinterest and wished I thought of it myself when Julian was an infant. I also wanted to Photoshop the words “Takin’ care of business” across the top of the photo, but it’s not my photo, so you’ll just have to imagine the cleverness. Have you done any funny photo shoots […]

Activity #39: Slide on the playground


Are you ready to see some big smiles? Or looks of horror? Be prepared for either. Our babysitter taught us the following method for putting Julian on the slide when he was too young to slide sitting up: Put baby on tummy, feet down, mid way up the slide. Place his hands up near his […]

Make this toy: wheelie dog


If you’re up for making a quickie toy for your toddler to push around, read on to find out how to make a doggie rolling toy from a simple paper plate. Materials: flimsy paper plate markers or crayons scissors hole punch drinking straw two small empty spools Instructions: