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5 to 15 minute of baby distracting fun. The best part is you can do it all again tomorrow or even later today.

How to make a long wait fun


The following is an excerpt from our new book Stuff Every Mom Should Know. We’re giving you little tastes of the book all week in hopes you will buy one to keep in your purse for just such situations. And one for the car. Increasingly we all have smart phones loaded with apps, videos, and […]

Activity #487: Treat yourself

Ghanimatrix and little one

We got a great tip from longtime reader, Ghanimatrix, about how she squeezes in more me time. She says: The best way for me to find “me time” is to either stay on top of chores so that nap time becomes leisure time, OR to go run an errand when my husband gets home and […]

Reader tip for too many stuffed animals

Rebeca's son is very happy

Inspired by the idea to turn a Pack ‘N Play into a ball pit, Rebeca from took it in a new direction. She takes an armful of her son’s stuffed animals and puts them into a cardboard box, or empty laundry basket, to create a cozy play area. He loves it, and it’s a […]

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Because we don’t have time to learn everything about everything, it’s nice to find trustworthy moms who will do some of the work for you. When it comes to gadgets, the women at Cool Mom Tech have offered to step up as that source. Founded by Liz and Kristen of Cool Mom Picks, who partnered […]

Activity #555: Wear Sexy Jeans (Apply the Hand-Grab Rule)


It’s February! Time for romance (says Hallmark). We’re going to try to provide a little inspiration for prioritizing the sexy aspects of your life with romance and self-esteem boosting activities this month. Today, we kick off a series of guest posts from Shana of Ain’t No Mom Jeans.  (If you missed her series on sweatsuit […]