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Activity #19: Invite someone dangerous to tea

June 17, 2014

Andrea Scher, co-creator of Mondo Beyondo (Google it!) I was driving down the street yesterday when a neighborhood friend, Andrea, pulled out in front of me in her station wagon. I was only driving behind her for only a couple of blocks, but we rolled down our car windows to wave at each other and […]

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Activity #21: Cook dinner after dinner

August 15, 2013

Since becoming a mom, I have been experimenting with many different ways to get dinner on the table with minimal fuss. I was a freakin’ industrial engineer in college and I’ve been a management consultant for over ten years. Why is this still so hard for me?! Apparently during those working-sans-baby years, I was just […]

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Tech Tuesday: Watch tv shows with friends

August 6, 2013

One of my favorite people that I’ve never met is Laura Case. She found our blog when she was pregnant with her boys Nate and Alex, and we’ve been following each other for the past six or seven years. She is the author of a guest post that offered great comfort to twin moms, and […]

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5 great date nights that don’t require a babysitter

July 24, 2013

I’m a firm believer that new parents need to figure out a way to get out of the house and have some dates. Best case scenario, that’s only one night a week. More realistically, that’s one night a month. Or never. So, what about all those other nights? Here are five fun date-night ideas that […]

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Get your mama mojo back

May 1, 2013

A huge thanks to Kimberley Blaine from for sharing her experience on connecting with girlfriends and bringing mama mojo back. I have been inspired to jot down steps to help mommies boost their confidence, find that perfect balance and get back the energy that fuels motivation. It’s easy to get caught up in the […]

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Date night idea: thrifted board games

March 28, 2013

Reader Alana shared a terrific tip for keeping an at-home date night creative for less than five bucks: Head over to the thrift store and buy a few new board games. Play with your partner after your baby goes to bed. Done and done. Nala’s games were all half off at the thrift store She […]

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New Year’s Eve – on the cheap and easy

December 26, 2012

New Year’s Eve can become like Prom Night if you let it: fraught with expectation and pressure. But instead of dropping an extra $150 on a limo ride through the McDonald’s drive-thru, you’re spending an extra $150 on a babysitter. Ugh. Whitney and I have had a long-standing date on New Year’s Eve and we […]

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Throw a debate-watching party

October 18, 2012

My fellow Americans, history is upon us. It’s an election year. If you have a newborn in the house, it can be like living under a rock for several months. But you can still be in on the fun. I suggest you throw a debate-watching party to reconnect with your childfree friends. You supply the […]

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Activity #243: Start a ladies poker club

October 9, 2012

My very good friend, Crystal, lives in Chicago as a writer with her two sons, Harry and Max. She wrote about starting a Ladies Poker Club when Harry was an infant. Harry is a mere one day younger than Milo and sadly they’ve never met in person. We fully expect that one day they’ll be […]

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Activity #46: Host a clothing swap party

November 14, 2011

Nine months on, nine months off? Something like that. Your 46th weekly challenge is to obtain some new-to-you clothes that you’ll enjoy along with an afternoon of girlfriend hilarity all for the cost of some cucumber-scented spa water. The end of the year is a perfect time to plan a clothing swap. Whitney totally hates […]

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6 date night ideas that don’t require a babysitter

November 3, 2010

With the economy totally sucking, we’ve modified our babysitter retainer model slightly and are trying to have a few more date nights at home. If you thought it was totally unrealistic when I told you to put your kids to bed before 7pm and have a date-night, I feel you. Here are six slightly more […]

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Host a House Party

August 17, 2010

It’s no secret that I think that new moms should let the party come to them as often as possible. When I was in my rookie year, I hosted potlucks, game nights, TV screenings, and Wii karaoke events as often as I could. Invite a few friends, get them to bring the food, put my […]

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