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Momoirs of a Rookie Mom

This is where we get bloggy and tell you the juicy personal stories. Do you need a victory baby? Do you pee when you run?

A love letter to my soccer co-parent

Gratitude for a Soccer Mom

This love letter/guest post was written by my friend and fellow soccer parent, Nila Rosen. I never thought that I would I would be co-parenting with anyone else but the person who got me pregnant 11 years ago, but I am — and it’s not due to divorce or separation. In fact, I am still […]

An endless list: Mistakes you shouldn’t be embarassed about because every mom has made them


I’ve received — from various anonymous sources — this list of mistakes that parents have beaten themselves up for unnecessarily. And frankly, just like Heather once confessed to being embarrassed about being embarrassed about public breastfeeding, some of these events are so trivial, it’s clear a little resilience is in order. We need to be […]