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Making me grumpy

Toy Story double feature is not for little kids, ok?

October 4, 2009

Let me start out by saying in no uncertain terms that I love the Toy Story movies!! Just so we’re clear. I enjoyed them in the theater back in the day. And I recently screened a DVD at home for my two- and four-year old boys with great success for family movie night. My big […]

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Frustrations of a working mom with sick kids

May 26, 2009

We made it through the Winter like champs. The boys didn’t get sick, I worked my part-time hours. Life as a working mom was as good as it gets (And by “good” I mean that I worked 25 to 30 hours outside of the home for a paying job where people say nice things once […]

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Beware renting car seats

July 30, 2008

In order to carry less luggage, we have rented a carseat on the other end of our trip a couple of times. We have not had an issue… yet. After reading the scary story that Debbie just published on Delicious Baby, I think I will never rely on a rental carseat again. READ THIS!

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The continuing saga of a boy giving up his paci: Night Two

July 10, 2008

Yeah yeah, everyone thought we already did it. Holden told his preschool teacher in March that the Paci Fairy came and took his pacifier away and gave him a toy. Whitney thought we took it away months ago too and was amazed that Holden still naps so well. Not exactly. Earlier this week, we took […]

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Nipple cream recalled!

May 27, 2008

Thankfully I have bypassed the phase of new motherhood where all I can think about are my nipples. I mean, seriously people, what’s up with the “it doesn’t hurt if you are doing it right” myth about nursing?! It’s crap. It hurts. It does! For my first kid, it was excruciating for about 5 weeks. […]

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“No more poop in the house!”

May 20, 2008

That’s what I think it every time I change a poopy diaper. My friend Laurie told me that while I was changing a diaper at her house and it’s revolutionized my thinking (if not my actual habits). I think we’ve tried nearly every kind of disposable diaper disposal system and I hate them all. My […]

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True confession: I have six strollers

April 4, 2007

I feel icky saying it out loud, but one visit to my house will confirm this embarrassing fact before you even ring my doorbell. Yes, we have six strollers. So, I figure the least I can do to cleanse my karma is to review them for you and save you from following down my path: […]

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