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Activity #9: Go to the theater where crying is allowed


Baby-friendly theaters? Yes, please. We sure love our DVRs and Netflix, but refuse to give up on going to the theater. Did you know some theaters also have special showings for new parents? These showings have different names in different cities, but the idea that yours will not (most likely) be the loudest baby in […]

Spend a week in Chicagoland with kids

Kids Science Labs lab - Toddling Around Chicagoland

This guest post is from Sarah Parisi from Toddling Around Chicagoland, who has put together 7 days worth of activities for families living or visiting the Chicagoland area. Museum Monday – Visit the Museum of Science and Industry to explore a real plane, train, and submarine. Learn about the science of storms, examine the giant […]

Activity #363: Do Music Together

Do Music Together with your toddler

Yes, I’m endorsing a product/service here. No, I am not being paid to do so.  It’s called Music Together and two past experiences made me decide to recommend this activity. Several of my friends had done Music Together for three consecutive “semesters” and then decided to skip a semester. During that period we met at […]

Spend another week in Chicago


Lisa Hazen is one of our very best online friends that we had never met (until we went ahead and met her a few weeks ago when visiting Chicago). She’s friend-of-friends with each of us many times over and she wrote one of the first ever guest posts of RookieMoms when our site was a […]

Start a business with your baby

Shawn Hazen is a Chicago-based designer whom I’ve never met, but I have been emailing with his wife Lisa ever since she became a rookie mom. When she told me last month that her husband and their rookie baby Finn, now three, started a t-shirt company, I developed a crush on him. I think this […]