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Bay Area

We live in the Bay Area and also run 510 Families about current fun stuff to do in the East Bay with kids!

Join a museum


Like they used to say on TV, membership has it’s privileges. Both of the Bay Area children’s museums that I have been to are part of a consortium of Children’s Museums that have reciprocal memberships. This means that if you get a one-year membership at Habitot in Berkeley, for example, you can go to the […]

Link love: Mom Inc, Daily


One of the blogs in my Google Reader is Mom Inc, Daily. I was introduced to it by Mom Inc, Daily contributor, Jackie, a neighborhood friend and designing mom. The founder, Cat, is a stationery designer in San Francisco. She launched the blog as a place for her and fellow designing moms to capture some […]

Awesome mom profile: Lisa Truong


Lisa has two little boys and left her non-profit job to stay home with them.  When she saw an Oprah show about the recession and how hard it was hitting some families, she felt the itch to help. The image of mothers struggling to provide the basic necessities for their babes in arms stuck with […]