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Activity #538: Take your toddler for a latte

January 25, 2013

My middle school ex-boyfriend, Neil, is now a rookie dad to a toddler (ain’t facebook great?). He likes to take his son, Graham, out in the Burley trailer for coffee dates. Neil drinks the coffee while Graham sips his leche. Neil reports: Even in the fun Portland winter weather, I like to take Graham out […]

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5 clever diaper drive ideas

August 24, 2011

1. Benefit concert. Ok, I don’t really expect you to do something as totally awesome as Jenny, but holy event planning! She held a concert where local (to her) bands played and attendees donated diapers to her local food bank. The flyers for the show displayed a baby holding drumsticks and the tshirts (above) read […]

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How to: Spend a child-free weekend in Portland

May 26, 2010

I know everyone does not live within a two-hour flight of Portland, Oregon. And some of you even live right there, so a weekend in Portland probably holds less interest for you.  But if you are in possession of the same magical combination that I have – a set of willing grandparents, two children who […]

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6 cute umbrellas for preschoolers

November 7, 2009

An umbrella is a terrific gift for a preschooler. My toddler loves to hold her own kid-sized umbrella, and it gives us something to do on a rainy day – go outside and stand there with an umbrella over our heads. I saw this rainbow umbrella for kids in a Museum catalog and thought it […]

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