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You probably ought to do baby swim lessons

Baby and Daddy swimming pool challenge

Finding the ideal classes for your baby depends on your (and baby’s!) temperament and schedule more than anything I can write here. For me and Baby Holden, a regular drop-in swim class with perky teenagers leading “Motorboat Motorboat go so fast” was ideal; I could attend or not based on nap schedules and hunger. I […]

Traveling with babies at the holidays

Tips for traveling with babies on airplanes

Traveling with babies and toddlers at the holidays is a different beast than the vacations we might take throughout the year. In addition to the regular joys of airline travel with small people, you can add in higher prices, crowds, and family stress. Woohoo. Between Whit and I, we’ve done all the ages of travel […]

Makin’ it: Kickass Blanket Fort

How to make a blanket fort for your kids with easy hacks

I am one lucky mother. Tomorrow, I’m expecting an appliance delivery which means one important thing: we get HUGE BOXES to create forts. As a kid, I could just about live in a refrigerator box with small windows cut out. The following guidelines to build a totally sweet indoor fort (for those of you not […]

How to take the best pictures of your child’s Halloween adorableness

Halloween photo tips by Stacy Mae Photography

AKA 3 simple ways to capture your child’s Halloween costume For photography buffs, Halloween is a glorious time of year. Adorable children lit up by the golden fall light, wearing irreverent, bold, and/or hilarious costumes. But for your average parent juggling one or two little people with extra accessories, it can be a challenge to capture […]

Is a joint birthday party a good idea?

Fourth birthday party tips

An influential force in the village that is helping me raise my children is our preschool community, a quirky, community-minded cohort of families. For example: each eldest class in the school nominates a name for themselves, and Sawyer is a proud member of the Rainbow Penguins (#howberkeleycanyoube). This weekend, we co-hosted a fourth birthday party with […]