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Having 2+ kids

Twins, baby bunching, third baby, middle child. If you have more than one rookie baby, this section is for you.

Only 10% likely to have a daughter


First off, no I’m not pregnant. I went to the doctor today and, upon hearing that I have three sons, he out-of-the-blue told me that “Couples with two sons are 15% likely to have a daughter and couples with three sons are only 10% likely.” Geez. Thanks Doc. Discuss, please. Does this statistic seem true […]

2-minute puppet theater


Did you know that you might have a puppet theater in your child’s room already? Materials needed: Crib Sheet Dolls or stuffed animals Preschooler with a repertoire of songs Any combination of parent, baby, and toddler to serve as audience +++ We’re assembling a huge list of DIY projects for parents. Browse them all on […]