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Having 2+ kids

Twins, baby bunching, third baby, middle child. If you have more than one rookie baby, this section is for you.

Rookie mom holiday confessions


Did you notice that the very second Halloween was over the holiday mayhem was already in progress? I suppose it makes sense because Thanksgiving is as early as it can possibly be. And, well, once that’s over, IT’S ALREADY CHRISTMAS. “Black Friday” even starts on Thursday. Seriously. While I’d love to share my tips about […]

Only 10% likely to have a daughter


First off, no I’m not pregnant. I went to the doctor today and, upon hearing that I have three sons, he out-of-the-blue told me that “Couples with two sons are 15% likely to have a daughter and couples with three sons are only 10% likely.” Geez. Thanks Doc. Discuss, please. Does this statistic seem true […]

2-minute puppet theater


Did you know that you might have a puppet theater in your child’s room already? Materials needed: Crib Sheet Dolls or stuffed animals Preschooler with a repertoire of songs Any combination of parent, baby, and toddler to serve as audience +++ We’re assembling a huge list of DIY projects for parents. Browse them all on […]