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Dinner on the table

Tricks, hacks, books, and experiments to dinner on the table Every Single Night.

Why the bouncy seat makes me a better mom


Before having a baby, I had a very clear idea of what kind of mom I would be. Having read Babywise at the advice of a childless friend, I knew I would put my newborn on a schedule and fill my maternity leave with useful pursuits like crossing items off my to-do list and initiating […]

Makin’ it: Easiest salmon ever


I am constantly on the lookout for shortcuts in the kitchen. Delicious in two minutes with three ingredients? Now you’re talking. This easiest salmon in the world “recipe” is about 20 minutes from fridge to table; it is simple, hands-off, and delicious. I served it with pride to my picky (foodie) book club and routinely […]

Stuffing Challenge, part 2


I accepted the great stuffing challenge of 2011 because I love me some stuffing. I spent hours this weekend reading recipe websites and perfecting my stuffing recipe to use on the big day this Thursday. NOT. I do love stuffing, but who has time for hours in the kitchen in preparation for hours in the […]

What are your EASIEST dinners? Go!


Help me, friends. I have a screamy baby. And two other hungry children. Dinnertime is the worst. For all of us. Last week, when I found myself breastfeeding while trying to remove a 450 degree frittata from the oven, I knew I needed help. All my go-to dinners are suddenly too hard with a needy […]

Love makes a family

Who cooks in this household?

This post was going to be a quick one – just to let you know that there is a new Ragu video I’m in where I talk to Kim Tracy Prince (of diaper driving fame) and Renee Ross about how dinner is different “when Dad is in the kitchen.” But now I feel like I’ve […]