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Excited for BlogHer ’10


As I write this, I’m sitting in very Upstate New York enjoying the family vacation. I’m in an old tee-shirt and my “action pants” (some fast-drying capri length ready-for-anything pants that used to fit me). I’m fantasizing –just a bit– about hopping on a train tomorrow for five hours of “me” time so I can […]

We totally don’t mind if you vote for us


Some very hard-working and talented bloggers have put together a fancy party, complete with awards, for female bloggers in New York City in August. We are totally flattered to have been nominated in the Blog You’ve Learned the Most From category. It looks like there are about 75 websites in this category, so our odds […]

BlogHer? I hardly know her!


Having just returned from a 4-day trip to Chicago where I attended the BlogHer ’09 conference, an annual coming-together of women who blog, I want to sort my experiences into three categories: Things That Exceeded My Expectations, Things That Met my Expectations, and Things That Underwhelmed Me. Here goes: Things That Exceeded My Expectations – […]

We have arrived at BlogHer


After an exciting travel day, we arrived at BlogHer in time for the wrap up of our first party. The word for today is “intense“. I couldn’t stop using it. Even getting here was intense. All of Oakland Airport was calmly evacuated after we had gone through the security checkpoint. Alarm sirens and flashing lights […]

Dressing for BlogHer


I love me some Project Runway and I love the host, Tim Gunn. In fact, reflecting on this reminds me that I haven’t used his catch phrase, “Make it work!” nearly enough. Although I am too lazy to select all of my outfits for a conference/vacation in advance, photograph them, upload them to the web, […]

Blogging BlogHer bloginess

Dear friends, We Rookie Moms try not to blog about blogging because we believe that our readers are more likely to be fellow mamas, not fellow bloggers, but since there are definitely a handful of savvy bloggers reading our site, I want to address an issue some of us may be facing this week. This […]

Group Blogging

The panelists are: Sarah Gilbert and Asha Dornfest of Sheena (age 15) and Iris (Age 16) of This is a summer honors program for math and science for high school students. More info on the program at: Mandy Moore from knitting blog yarnageddon