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A Week in…

We have staycation ideas for San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Europe, Chicago, Austin, and more. Each list of activities for moms and babies may include postnatal yoga, mom and baby movies, cafe suggestions, and other free activities. We hope to inspire a fun maternity leave or simply activities that help new moms enjoy their days with babies.

Baby and toddler activities in Myrtle Beach, SC

Activities for babies and toddlers in Myrtle Beach, SC

Stacie from the site formerly known as offered to share with us a week’s worth of favorite baby and toddler activities in her hometown of Myrtle Beach, SC. Thank you Stacie! As a mom of four little ones, she knows the local hotspots and places to avoid. She tells us: Myrtle Beach is often referred to […]

Baby activities in Toronto

Maternity leave in Toronto

Jenn in Toronto is working her way through our Rookie Mom Challenges with her son Sebastian and sent us this wonderful week of fun as her response to Challenge #17 (become the cruise director). A huge Merci to Jennifer for sharing her picks. If you live in Toronto, here’s a superfun way to spend your […]

Spend a week in the Twin Cities


I’m very excited to share this guest post by Ann, a rookie mom, who started the blog Busy Little Baby when her son was 6 months old and she was looking for an easier way to find things to do with her baby. When I discovered her blog from my late night tweet-surfing, I felt […]

A week of toddler fun in Pasadena

Exploring the Audobon

JJ Keith shares some fun-filled toddler and preschooler activities to keep mom having fun in and around Pasadena, CA. She writes the JJust Kidding blog about raising babies in Hollywood (without raising Hollywood babies). Monday: Explore the Arroyo Go for a walk in the jog stroller-friendly watershed of the Arroyo Seco (entrance at Norwood Drive […]

Spend a week in Albuquerque

Linus mesmerized by the koi in the Japanese Garden

Maggie Martin left her teaching career to become a professional mom to her twinfants, Linus and Veda. They live in Albuquerque, NM. She offered to share her lessons learned about being a rookie mom in her hometown. Monday, trek the Rio Grande Start the week off with a trek along the Rio Grande at Bosque […]