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Month 12

Activity #484: Facilitate thank you notes with a personal *touch*

January 3, 2008

Carolyn sent us this activity for the brave: My son couldn’t help write the thank you notes for his first birthday but he could help make the cards! I put him in his high chair, wearing only a diaper. I got out some heavy paper and non-toxic, washable finger paints, squirted a little paint on […]

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Activity #45: For a good time, check the garage

October 10, 2007

Let’s see… we have in our garage a baby bathtub we’re not using, a jogging stroller we rarely use, baby toys that are too young for my son, and some gift wrapping paraphanalia that he’d surely love to dig into. Do you have gear you never use? Get out that backpack or jogging stroller, even […]

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Make a fancy photo book

August 9, 2007

Just in case you haven’t been so good about keeping a baby book… photo websites make it super easy to make gorgeous coffee table type albums that will make you look so very together. When my mom and I took a very special girls trip to Italy to celebrate my 30th birthday (thanks Mom!), I […]

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Activity #346: Go on an Awfully Big Adventure and leave the house empty

July 20, 2007

When Julian and I walked into the house at 7 pm one day this week, Rookie Dad remarked that it was the first time in months that he got home from work to an empty house. I was happy for him. I thought he should have been laying on the couch, but we found him […]

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Love your local library

June 18, 2007

You already know that the library is a fun place to take baby, but did you realize how it can be a money saver and a sanity saver too? You can stop by the local library and bring home board books, big kid books, learning-to-sign dvd’s, and video rentals for grown-ups (often free for a […]

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Activity #395: Find a new bookstore

June 14, 2007

Today we went to Piedmont for a birthday brunch and found ourselves with 20 minutes to kill and a dirty diaper to deal with. Magically, I looked up to find that we were standing in front of Lucciola, a children’s bookstore. It was the type of place that Meg Ryan would have had in You’ve […]

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Activity #459: Keepsake your favorite baby clothes

April 23, 2007

Assuming that my current pregnancy is our final child, we recently went through our stored baby boy clothes, pulling out the ones that can be worn by our baby-girl-to-be, donating the majority, and saving five or six items that I can’t bear to part with. Predictably, those extra special clothes are still on top of […]

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Use valet parking

April 4, 2007

The seriousness of this suggestion totally depends on where you live. I can tell you, however, that in San Francisco, where I stupidly walked up a hill, at night in high heels, five weeks after a C-section, I was cursing my husband the whole time that we should have valet parked. If you are a […]

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Activity #180: Play the shell game

January 19, 2007

To prepare your baby for the fact that life is hard and he may eventually be earning a living playing con-games against tourists on the streets of New York City, you’ll want to introduce him to the shell game. Take 3 plastic bowls or cups and put them face down on the ground after first […]

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Wish for material possessions

December 5, 2006

Is your family big on gift-giving? Make a wishlist online on behalf of your baby to help them pick appropriate gifts. You get the joy of “shopping” without spending any money. Amazon,,, you get the idea. If you like the unique stuff found in more boutique-y style stores, check out for tips […]

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Activity #248: Take splashy pictures

November 24, 2006

My friend Linda suggested this one… maybe you can try it? Get a disposable water camera and get in the tub (or pool) with your little one and take splashy photos. You can take underwater pictures of their cute feet! We just did this, but haven’t gotten any photos developed so I’m not sure yet […]

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Activity #193: Meet a monkey at the zoo

September 29, 2006

It’s time to introduce your baby to lions and lizards. And won’t you feel like an official parent when you brag that you take your child to the Zoo? My friend Sarah gets credit for this one. “It’s fun for parents, too,” she says. Honestly, I think it’s mostly fun for parents. Even at 12 […]

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