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Month 10

Activity #129: Make a mini water table

poushes flickr photo

Misty’s found a way for her baby to enjoy some summertime water fun: Fill baby’s high chair tray with water for warm weather splashing! I love this activity for hot, housebound babies everywhere (especially those of us jailed by an older napping child). Baby Madeline’s high chair has a very deep lip, enough to hold […]

Join a playgroup for YOURSELF


Call it a Mom’s Group, call it a playgroup, call it whatever you like, but be sure that you’re clear on the objective: connecting with other mothers who you are going to enjoy. If Gymboree is not fun for you, don’t go! It is extremely helpful to have a circle of moms who you know […]

Activity #255: Feed your kid on the floor

Eating cheese off the floor

Thanks to Rookie Dad Ryan for this tip. If you’re getting tired of picking up Cheerios that have been flung over the highchair tray, feed your older baby directly on the floor. I noticed that Holden will make a pass under the dining room table and grab anything lingering from the most recent meal. My […]