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Month 9

Swap your babies


Free childcare is a precious thing. I am far too embarrassed to tell you how much money we spend on childcare (beyond preschool) every weekend. If you are willing to put in some time watching other kids, then swapping babies is a great way to get some childcare.  Also known as a babysitting coop, these […]

Create a family photo wall

Real grown-ups probably have one of these in their house already. I am just getting started. I started working on my picture wall to help Julian learn his grandparents’ faces. Now I use it to show Scarlett who they are before they come. I suggest assigning this task to family members, both to get it […]

Activity #76: Blow bubbles

Let’s stay realistic. Bubble blowing is not something that you can build your whole day around, so it’s the type of thing I usually refrain from posting here. But, watching your baby react to bubbles IS pretty fun. So take them with you in your diaper bag and pull them out whenever you need a […]

Activity #237: Eat your own dog food

For those of you not in the business world, this expression, “Eat your own dogfood” means that you should be willing to use the product you’re selling. You know, like “I’m not just the President of the Hair Club for Men… I’m also a member.” Or in this case: Take your own advice. Heather and […]

Complete the sentence, “Real moms…”

Over at, Rylan’s mommy challenges us to finish this sentence and share with each other. I’ll go first, based on an experience from last week: Real moms wish their kid wasn’t sick so that they could go to daycare. Real moms fear they can’t handle ten hours at home with their sick kid.

Activity #170: Fake a sneeze

Really. Almost always makes a baby laugh… if it doesn’t work the first time, try again and really draw out the “aaahhh aaaahh aaaaah” part before the “choo”! At 13 months old, Holden has a “joke” of his own. He can say “aaah aaah chooo” without being prompted (and usually not when he is prompted!). […]