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Month 8

Activity #322: Join a re-enactment and maybe ride a donkey!

December 20, 2007

I have a soft spot for this contest entry from Damselfly because I played Mary at the church Christmas pageant for several years (although always with a doll… and always as a distracted teenager) and I think it’s pretty darn fun to ride donkeys too (that’s a story for another day)! The holiday season is […]

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Activity #202: Love every OTHER minute

September 28, 2007

Mother Shock: Loving Every (Other) Minute of It is a collection of essays about the first year of mothering, comparing the experience to the culture shock one experiences when travelling to a foreign country. I like the analogy a lot and I think Heather will like it even more since she and Alec were on […]

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Activity #418: Document Examples of Bad Parenting

August 14, 2007

Last year, Lynnette from gave us the idea to start a collection of photos using baby as a prop to demonstrate all the What Not To Dos. I remembered this suggestion this morning as I laughed at the fact that my second child is asleep in her Pack and Play, swaddled tightly, but surrounded […]

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Activity #469: Make your baby’s clothes into art

June 25, 2007

I hope the person behind Friends With a Fish is not offended by my stealing her idea. I’m sure she does a more artful job than the rest of us untrained photographers could do. But I think I might try this myself anyway. Those favorite baby clothes that you are saving for something (you don’t […]

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Install a swimming pool

May 21, 2007

Rookie Dad and I enjoyed some relaxing time in our backyard this weekend as Julian was totally occupied with his swimming pool and some plastic mugs and mixing bowls. I highly recommend this activity. Set up a baby pool in backyard with a few inches of water and some plastic cups. Grab a swim diaper […]

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Activity #353: Create your own holiday

April 17, 2007

I love creating something silly and commemorative just because. Since my birthday this year was super lame — oh yeah, I told people that celebrating with a two-week-old meant 3am cupcakes and more birthday to enjoy, but come on — I’m on the lookout for a do-over. Our friend, Mommy Poppins, suggested making a holiday. […]

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Use TV as a tool

January 16, 2007

We tend to both be a little firm on the topic of “No TV” for the babies each for our own reasons, I’m sure. Heather thinks that TV is a scary addiction for babies, not unlike crack. Besides my belief that it’s just not developmentally appropriate for a baby, I think the addiction actually threatens […]

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Activity #165: Indulge in a spa day

August 11, 2006

I got a great massage gift certificate as a “congrats for pushing that baby out” gift from a good friend and am sad to admit that it took me many months to get my tired butt in there… don’t do that to yourself. You deserve it. Have your partner watch junior and book a day […]

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Activity #415: Visit the Solution Diva

August 3, 2006

I have just become aware of this site, and think the self-help junkies among you might love it. Sarah Zeldman is all about *solutions* and her site is called She categorizes her solutions into categories that may speak to you (Work At Home Moms, Toddlers, etc). Sarah is a life coach by profession, who […]

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Cultivate the art of conversation

March 21, 2006

In our continuing search to have fun, adult conversation, Whitney and I are not always practicing what we preach. This weekend, we spent a half-hour car trip, just the two of us, discussing pureed baby food and boobs. Do we get some sort of extra credit for not talking about diapers?! We knew that was […]

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Activity #209: Play choo choo

March 7, 2006

In my opinion, having extra laundry baskets around is really a lifesaver. I can do hella laundry and Holden can pull it out of the basket for me. Great game, right? Whitney assures me that around 12 months he will begin putting the laundry back into the basket. Sometimes I just put Holden in a […]

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Make personalized thank you notes

January 18, 2006

My mom gave us the gift of a fantastic jogging stroller sent directly to our house in Berkeley, so she never got to see the baby locked, loaded, and loving it. We took lots of pictures and, to further show our gratitude, Holden wrote her a personal note. Dear Gramma, This stroller rocks. My daddy […]

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