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Month 7

Activity #305: Alter your board books

August 29, 2014

We had a board book that I didn’t like too much. The illustrations were too wishy washy and there were too many words. We also had a board book that I loved, by Todd Parr, called This is My Hair. Bold illustrations and simple text. Plus funny. I decided I wanted the first book to […]

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We got rowdy at a pub with our baby {Rookie Moms Challenge #30}

August 26, 2014

The Challenge: Get Rowdy With the Rest of the Crowd The day before Mother’s Day was a glorious day on Long Island; not knowing if the weather would hold up the next day, I decided it would be best to do the activities I wanted to do on my special day Saturday instead: go out to […]

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Activity #29: Upgrade your own “crib”

August 25, 2014

You probably did nice things to your baby’s room to get it ready for him. How about your own bedroom? Make a small change that will make you happy in your sleeping space. Move a piece of furniture, hang something on the wall, or get rid of a clutter pile. (I didn’t say clean up […]

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Activity #27: Go swimming

August 11, 2014

Taking the baby in the pool is both scary and funny. A kid’s gotta stick his toe into the water at some point, right? Buy a package of disposable swim diapers or a reusable one, and plan your outing. This is our 27th rookie mom challenge. If you are alone, think carefully through the logistics […]

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Loving on our (germy) local library {Rookie Moms Challenge #18}

July 30, 2014

Challenge # 18: Check out the Library is one of 52 challenges for new moms on this site. Easy peasy. After our previous Cruise Director meltdown, I felt sure that checking out the library would prove to be a walk in the park, literally. I am really lucky to live in a town with an […]

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I was a tourist in my own town {Rookie Moms Challenge #24}

May 23, 2014

There is nothing I love more than exploring new small towns full of local stores and delicious eats. When I saw Rookie Moms Challenge #24: Be a tourist in your own town, I loved the idea of “visiting” my own hometown. I took this challenge very seriously. And by seriously, I mean, I packed as […]

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The new mom challenge I didn’t want to do {Rookie Moms Challenge #17}

May 13, 2014

When I first discovered, it must have been by googling “What to do if you are a mom” at 3:45 AM. And hallelujah, the clouds parted. A list! A challenge! A saving grace! This would help me get back on track. This would help me figure out what to do with my new-momhood. This […]

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Activity #13: Hit on another rookie mom

March 25, 2014

Making other new mom friends is vital. And, yes, a little bit scary. Are you too shy to meet a possibly interesting person? While that’s totally and completely NORMAL, we want you to go for it anyway. Today’s assignment is to approach someone else with a baby. Your own baby is a social lubricant. Check out […]

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Activities for new moms: 52 weekly challenges

February 2, 2014

Why these challenges? Our own experience with unstructured time and a small baby tells us that having an activity planned or a project for the day is tremendously helpful in passing the time. When your partner gets home from work or you hop on the phone with your sister, instead of talking about length of […]

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Dangerous baby photo inspiration from Someday I’ll Learn

September 2, 2013

I am excited to share more fun photos to share with you from Chelsea and Nate Day. I call these the Danger Baby series. Degree of Difficulty = EASY Baby driving a car, just add parked car.  Degree of Difficulty = Medium Baby as football, just add strong arm Baby flying, be careful. Degree of […]

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Activity #137: Split your movie date

July 18, 2013

Between the high price of a babysitter and movie admission prices, it can be hard to imagine a cheap evening date. So, follow the example of rookie dad Edwin and his wife: Go see a new-release movie while your partner stays home with the baby; return home and then stay with the baby while your […]

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Activity #158: Get on the dance floor at Baby Loves Disco

February 7, 2013

Last year, Heather and I had the pleasure of teaming up with Baby Loves Disco, the providers of kid-friendly dance parties around the country. They had a 10-day mini-tour in the Bay Area and we hit two of the parties in partnership with our hyperlocal blog, for East Bay parents. When our first babes […]

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