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Month 2

Rookie mom voices: Johanna at 7 weeks

November 8, 2011

Our guest blogger today, Johanna, caught our eye when she wrote this kind post on her blog crushed corn. Her baby boy is one week older than Sawyer so I find her experience familiar and encouraging. Car seat installed and ready for its first occupant? Check. Nursery set for a crying baby, poopy diapers, and […]

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Try a dream feed and sleep better

October 22, 2011

Whitney passed along this mama tip to me and now I’m telling you; if your baby is starting to skip that 10pm feeding and you want to stretch those sleeping hours to ones that are more convenient, try the dream feed. She says it didn’t work for them, but we used the dream feed technique […]

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Make a simple sling

September 21, 2011

Who wants to make me this sling and teach me how to use it? Based on these simple instructions, I’m pretty sure that I could sew a simple baby sling. According to the directions, all you need to make a “peanut shell” style sling is two yards of fabric and stuff that’s already in my […]

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Activity #35: Buy some new jeans

August 29, 2011

Put away the maternity pants and take yourself out to Old Navy to get some interim jeans to make you feel normal. Go with a girlfriend you trust. Don’t look at the size, just find something flattering and comfortable. DO NOT THINK ABOUT OR TALK ABOUT THE WEIGHT YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE IN THE […]

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Activity #308: Hit the casino with a bambino

June 29, 2011

When we have new babies in our lives, it’s easy to go into a self-imposed exile or quarantine, reading only sleep habits books and looking only at the baby. Of course, Whitney and I think that mama needs to leave the house and thus this site was born. I read the story of how Vicky […]

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Activity #13: Create a Modern Family photo

March 28, 2011

Do you guys watch the show Modern Family? We love it. The show’s credits show the family members holding frames with photos of the other family members inside. I was thinking what a cute holiday card photo this idea would make for grandparents, when I decided I’d like to do it myself. Below, my sister […]

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Activity #515: Track your new mama milestones

February 9, 2011

When we look back in 25 years, we will marvel that our babies have become adults who drive cars and earn their own paychecks. (Here’s hoping!) You probably have a baby book to track your bambino’s progress through the first year: sitting up, crawling, first tooth, and so on. But how will you remember your […]

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How to behave: a Mom’s Group toolbox

January 25, 2011

Years ago, I went to my first mom’s group meeting, lugging my 5-week old in his bucket carseat. My c-section scar was still hurting when I lifted the seat and my breasts were so large from nursing that I felt unlike myself. Normally petite, abeit with C-cups passed down through many generations of voluptuous Russian […]

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Guest post on colic: 5 coping techniques for moms with fussy babies

December 21, 2010

1. Step away from the baby Make a list of all those well-meaning friends who say, “Let me know if you need help with anything.” Then call one of them, hand over your screaming child, and leave the house. Even if you are nursing, you’ll have a 90-minute window after a feeding. Go get your […]

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Ariana’s Fearless Friday

October 1, 2010

Woohoo! It’s our first Fearless Friday post. (Send in your own; instructions are here.) Without further ado, Ariana shares her Adventures of One Very Small Boy and One Rookie Mom: I gave birth to our first child, Lars Magnus, on May 11, 2010. Since then upstate NY has been unbearably hot. I like to think […]

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Breastfeeding resources for rookies

September 6, 2010

Annie (@phdinparenting) compiled an extremely helpful list of go-to references for nursing moms and moms-to-be. She has been blogging about the art and science of parenting at the PhD in Parenting Blog since May 2008. Nursing mom picture via flickr christyscherrer Here are Annie’s top six resources: Kellymom: Kellymom is the one of the most […]

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Kristi and Nora’s Very Rookie Summer

August 20, 2010

We’re happy to share the eighth edition of our Very Rookie Summer series. Kristi is sharing three short stories (the final one is a love story) about a great big green ball. Her daughter, Nora, is 6 weeks old. They live in smokin’ hot North Carolina. She blogs at Here we go… This story is […]

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