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Month 1

Practicing what I preach. Mostly.

January 17, 2012

Is it already time to flashback to Sawyer as a baby? Well, he is just over nineteen weeks now so we can at least review the first quarter of his babydom. According to my own bossyness, we should have completed all thirteen of the rookie moms weekly challenges within his fourth trimester, right? So, let’s […]

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Makin’ it: no-sew Moby wrap baby carrier

January 9, 2012

When my second son was born, I flirted with sewing in order to create this Moby-style baby wrap (AKA “the Fauxby”) to keep little Milo super close. It is the snugliest baby carrier that I’ve ever had. My mom helped me to hem the edges. Once I saw how legitimately simple it was, I made […]

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Formula and breastfeeding – Help!

September 21, 2011

Please help our anonymous guest poster with your compassion and suggestions! Nursing mom picture via flickr christyscherrer I can only talk about this if I’m wearing two breast pads on each side. My three-week old baby has nursed for more than a cumulative seventy-five hours so far and still has NOT regained his way back […]

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Guest post: Choosy moms choose wipe warmers

December 27, 2010

In response to a pregnant friend asking for baby product tips and must-haves, my friend Anna sent along this advice about the considerable merits of her wipe warmer: When my daughter Emma was born, she cried constantly for days…she would not eat. We were so stressed…and we noticed that she was particularly upset when we […]

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The Mystery of the Rookie Mom

October 18, 2010

Yesterday my husband woke up at the crack of dawn and headed out for a run. Scratch that. Dawn was not cracking; it was simply dark out. Having committed myself to 30 consecutive days of the 30-Day Shred, I decided that I too would get out of bed before the kids awoke. I went downstairs […]

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Put your own oxygen mask on first

July 26, 2010

Hopefully, this is only a metaphor for survival, but also a friendly reminder… you’re not doing your baby any favors by overlooking your own needs. Seize the opportunities to drink water, eat food, lubricate contact lenses, and pee when you need to. In the middle of the night, when Holden cries for food or comfort, […]

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A baby book for the BlackBerry set

June 29, 2010

It would indeed be wonderful to have a completed baby book at the end of one’s first year of parenting, but remembering to fill it in as the months go by doesn’t come easily to many of us. This life is fast-paced. If a reminder to do something is not on my precious smart phone, […]

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Timestamp a monthly baby photo

February 26, 2010

How cute is this series of photos from Hey Jen Renee? She created a printout for each month of her daughter’s first year and took a photo of her baby girl “holding” it. At the end of the year, she printed the twelve photos and placed them in an accordion fold-style photo album so that […]

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Parenting trends: muslin swaddling blankets

February 8, 2010

When I first heard of muslin swaddling blankets, my children were already 2 and 5.  And this was just last week. It hurt me to say, “Back when I had babies… ” But I did. Well, anyhow, apparently muslin is they way to go these days.  When Heather asked our readers via Twitter if they […]

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Start a baby book

September 15, 2009

The song “Hey-Ya” by Outkast was so popular in 2004 when I became a Rookie Mom that I decided it should be documented in the baby book. Is that weird? I wrote “Popular song is Hey-ya by Outkast.” I figure Julian will download it someday and laugh. I also think it’s babybook-worthy that going to […]

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Activity #586: Convert a t-shirt into a newborn gown

July 27, 2009

This naptime sewing project was brought to you by This Mama Makes Stuff. Carrie, who used to design clothing for Old Navy, provides this disclaimer: I got Cs in pattern-making class in college. Um, Carrie? Most of us did not even know pattern making was offered in college, so no need to apologize. We appreciate […]

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Activity #355: Create an easy time capsule

March 18, 2009

Fellow parents of newborns, here’s a super easy way to make a time capsule that your child will love (some day): Buy disposable camera Take lots of pictures around hospital, home, baby, car, and your life as it is in general Write your name, address, phone, email, today’s date, and the words “Photo Time Capsule! […]

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