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Why you need new mom friends

May 27, 2013

When I was a brand new mommy, I was lucky that my best friend had a baby of her own. Whitney seemed to have all the answers and didn’t mind if I talked about sleep, swaddles, and nursing… A Lot! The day I returned from the hospital, she dropped off some witch hazel and teeny […]

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Baby love: at first sight or a slow burn?

May 8, 2013

I was separated from my first baby, Julian, for the first hour or two of his life. While I was incredibly curious to see him again — this person whose very existence I had invented now existed in the real world! –  I guess I was also very patient. I don’t remember being overcome with […]

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Play white noise for baby

April 10, 2013

… bzzzjhhh Some of the best pre-baby advice I ever got (that I actually took) was along the lines of playing white noise or static to calm a fussy baby. In the olden days of our own infancy, our parents may have run a vacuum or put us on the dryer, but living in energy-conscious […]

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My very strong opinions about the first week with a baby

April 1, 2013

If I were a lady at Downton Abbey, my wishes would be obeyed with great haste. Food and nurslings could be summoned with a tasteful ringing of a bell and sent away with the same simplicity. Instead, I live in the real world where I was a demanding and hormonal hot mess without the courage […]

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Tip: bubble wrap for new moms

February 20, 2013

The teeny tiny bubble wrap is perfect as a physical outlet for moms trying not to scream at their kids. (Confession: I have done this dozens of times) This is how it works: Get frustrated or annoyed to the point of wanting to scream. Gently, set baby in crib or other safe place. Walk over […]

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The frustrating Fourth Trimester

February 14, 2013

Susan Brink, a journalist and grandmother of six, has authored a new book called The Fourth Trimester: Understanding, Protecting, and Nurturing an Infant Through the First Three Months. After hearing about her research, I asked her, “What is the deal with newborns? Why are they so fussy and floppy? And how is it possible to […]

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Bottled Up: A must-read for all bottle-feeding moms

January 14, 2013

Like many new moms, Suzanne Barston struggled to breastfeed her firstborn son. Despite support from her husband, consultations with lactation consultants, and a strong will to make it work, it simply did not work. As much as I would like to report that she was able to shrug it off, start a blog called, […]

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Book report: Your Fussy Baby

January 11, 2013

If you have the book Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child by Dr. Marc Weissbluth then don’t be a sucker and buy Your Fussy Baby like I did. YFB is entirely included in HCHB. And I know this because I read both of them cover to cover when I had a super fussy baby. When my […]

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French parenting Cliff’s Notes: La Pause

November 2, 2012

The book, Bringing Up Bebe, by writer (and mother) Pamela Druckerman made a splash upon its release, most of which was related to the theme of social behavior.  Why do French children eat like adults? Everyone wants to know. How do I get my kids to exercise good manners and accept foods with a variety […]

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Activity #19: Bounce it out

June 29, 2012

Our mothers might swear by clothes dryers and vacuum cleaners, but I found that my yoga ball was a great tool to soothe my crying baby. Sit on it, holding swaddled baby, and bounce to a consistent rhythm. If you don’t have a yoga ball, sit on the edge of your bed and bounce while […]

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Best, easy baby photo series yet

June 27, 2012

Our friend, Karen, (formerly known as Auntie Karen, now rookie mom Karen) blew us away with these pictures of her son’s first three months in custom onesies that she made in minutes. Baby Laz is wearing a dot for each month of his age (1 dot = 1 month old, get it?) and laying around […]

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Stuff newborn moms should know

February 15, 2012

I think Heather and I have both been pretty honest here: We were shocked and disappointed by how boring our babies were after they were born. They never said, “Hey mom, let’s go get you some new jeans and a latte.” Spending all day with someone who has no suggestions for conversation topics or activities […]

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