Activity #584: Capture the corners of your home

My real-life mom friend and crafty blogger, Jackie, made me aware of the Flickr group The Corners of My Home. (Jackie has a lovely home, by the way, if you haven’t already seen it.)

So I decided to eat my own dogfood and do a Rookie Moms activity, taking a few shots of my house today. What I realized quickly is that the corners are typically the clutter-storing spaces in my house, featuring toys piled up high, electronics and cords wound around each other, and papers that have no where else to live. Sigh.

So what’s the difference between these photos and any others you’ve already taken inside your house? These have no pets or people. Not allowed! Just things – your stuff, your style, or your lack of those.

Ok, let’s have a look:

This bench is in our entry way. It stores our shoes.

offi bench

This paper-link decoration was inspired by a previous post and is leftover decorations from Scarlett’s 4th of July birthday.

offi bench

Living room: This chair is one of a pair that were bought for us from eBay by my mom. The pillow is from IKEA and the fuzzy rug is from West Elm. The cord on the floor is connected to the laptop from which I am currently typing.

offi bench

OK, your turn. Upload something to flickr, add it to the Corners of My Home group, and tag it “rookiemoms”, too. And paste any URLs here!