Building your costume box: Baby Dragon Halloween Costume

I saw some cute ideas for homemade Halloween costumes on The shtick for their costume story is using items you have around the house. I love the eco-geekery of that idea.

This baby dragon is a pair of pajamas, a pilot-style baby cap, and SPONGES! Get out the hot glue gun, baby.

The problem with this photo-beautiful costume is that your child would not be able to sit in a carseat or stroller while wearing it.  Oh, you parenting magazines. Sometimes you forget we live in the real world, not photography studios.

Here’s my take on the spongey dragon costume:

  • Cut a length of ribbon as long as needed to run from crown of child’s head to the back of his knees.
  • Glue the sponge slices on to the ribbon
  • Bring your sponge-laden ribbon and a handful of safety pins to your Halloween destination.
  • When you arrive, attach ribbon at head, neck, between shoulders and top of tushy, allowing room for movement

This method will enable you to dress your child in layers, or use a hoodie instead of jammies if October weather (or picky toddlers) require something unexpected.

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