Bookmark this: Baby Cheapskate’s series “Toys that get played with”


We all want to make smart choices about buying gifts this holiday season– toys that will last, clothes that won’t be rejected by picky preschoolers, and nothing that makes so much noise that you’ll go crazy.

I was thrilled to see that my friend Angie at has been maintaining her series Toys that get played with. She’s got a list for each age range, so click over to the one for whom you are shopping and benefit from the wisdom of others.

Toys That Get Played With: 6-12 months

Toys That Get Played With 2013: 13 to 24 months

Toys That Get Played With 2013: 25 to 36 months

Toys That Get Played With 2013: 3 to 4 years

Toys That Get Played With 2013: 4 to 5 Years

Here’s what gets played with in my own house:

Scarlett, 6

Julian, 9

  • Baseball, football, and Pokemon card collections, including rearranging them in their binders and plastic sleeves
  • NFL board game
  • Mini over-the-door basketball hoop (are you sensing a theme?)
  • Webkinz (Already have too many plush animals? Here’s how we store them.)
  • Clipboards, notebooks, and stopwatches for tracking things
  • iPad games – for his birthday his sister gave him $5 worth of gems, our first virtual gift, on Dragonvale and one of the most valued to date!
  • Mad Libs – great for first grade and up