Activity #423: Be a dad for a day

Ben Affleck is not Heather's baby's daddyFor any male readers, you probably already are a dad, so you can check this one off your list.

For the rest of you crazy mamas, my suggestion today is to take a cue from dads and do something a little different with your baby.

Go somewhere different. My husband tends to take Julian wherever he needs to go and find something interesting when they get there: the hardware store, to buy a newspaper and stop at the dry cleaner. You get the idea. The sights and sounds of these unfamiliar destinations seem to keep Julian engaged and watchful. I think he is more restless going to the routine places he visits with me.

Use different gear. Use the backpack, the jogging stroller, or the bike trailer.

Dads, tell us – what can we do to be more like you?

P.S. The picture of Violet Affleck’s daddy here is a nod to Heather’s post-collegiate crush on the man.

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