Awesome mom profile: Lisa Truong

Lisa has two little boys and left her non-profit job to stay home with them.  When she saw an Oprah show about the recession and how hard it was hitting some families, she felt the itch to help. The image of mothers struggling to provide the basic necessities for their babes in arms stuck with Lisa, and together with another mom friend, Rachel, she brainstormed how to take action.

Holding a diaper drive, much like the canned food drives we’ve all seen, was the activity on which Lisa and Rachel agreed. Lisa bought two collection bins from Craig’s List and arranged to place them at local businesses. Then, using social media channels, she began telling everyone she knew that there is a need for diapers in women’s shelters and social service agencies. She pointed her network to the collection bins and asked for donations.

As Lisa explained to me, there was only one place in our urban area that provided free diapers to women in need. Women were schlepping across town by bus just to get the maximum allowed three diapers. I can’t imagine the amount of stress endured by these women and how difficult it would be to care for a crying baby under those conditions.

Now, Lisa’s effort has become her part-time job. Her one-time diaper drive has evolved into a year-round effort. She spends time hitting up companies for donations and networking to make it all happen. Her organization is called Help A Mother Out. A couple months ago, Huggies delivered a truckload of diapers to a warehouse she secured and now Lisa works to coordinate distribution of that supply to local agencies who get the diapers to the women who need them. When those run out, she’ll have to figure out how to replenish.

I share her story because I am inspired and amazed by the path of one mom on a mission.  If you would like to help Lisa, you’ll find her at or on twitter as @helpamotherout. If you would like to donate diapers, there is an Amazon wish list for Help A Mother Out. Simply buy a box of diapers as a “gift” and it will be shipped to the correct destination.

As you may know, I am a Huggies brand ambassador for their Every Little Bottom program, an effort to raise awareness about diaper need. Heather and I will continue to bring this issue to your attention in order to inspire both discussion and donation.