Clever idea: Use Santa diapers for holiday card

I was at a board meeting for Help A Mother Out when I met a lovely rookie mom named Catherine. The topic of Huggies’ holiday Santa diapers came up as we sat around the conference table (HAMO is a diaper donation advocacy organization, after all) and Catherine excitedly reached for her purse to reveal her family’s holiday card. Take a look. If this doesn’t charm you, I’m not sure what would!

I thought this was a brilliant greeting card design (do you see his *belt buckle*?) and asked her if I could share it with you.

To replicate this photo shoot, here’s what you need:

  • One adorable baby or toddler who wears a diaper size 3, 4, or 5
  • One long-sleeved red shirt
  • One Santa diaper by Huggies. (As of this writing, packages of these diapers are 40% off on You’re welcome.)
  • One small Santa-style hat, available for a few dollars at any drugstore

Obviously the Photoshopped background pumps up the graphic impact of Catherine’s card, but I bet you’ll figure out something that works for you.

P.S. If you can afford a package of Santa diapers, consider buying an extra package to donate to a homeless shelter or food bank this holiday season?

P.S.2. As part of the Huggies blogger ambassador team, I have been hired to help spread the word about diaper need and the Every Little Bottom campaign. All the genius ideas I post, however, are either my own or belong to someone I admire.

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