And now for something completely absurd

Nine hours spent in the Kenmore Live studio in Chicago over the weekend were filled with activity. The forty-five bloggers in attendance got divided into teams and we participated in challenges throughout the day, reality tv-style, while cameras followed us around the studio.

I do not have vegetable chopping skills like a cooking channel contestant, so I experienced some very anxiety producing self-consciousness while seven adults that I did not know watched me chop an onion with a knife bigger and sharper than any I have at home. Other than that short-lived “I am a loser and everyone hates me because I am below average at knife skills” feeling, I had an excellent time.

Here I am tasting the fruits of my labor with new friends Jim and CC.

Other segments of the day included a smoothie demonstration, a tour of Kenmore’s new humungous fridge (which people were kinda freaking out over!), making a pretend vacuum cleaner commercial with four minutes to film it, and voting on other bloggers’ inventive appliance ideas. And then, there was one that was so silly that I will share with you the video of my participation.

The guest speaker was a personal trainer from Chicago. He’s a very handsome dude, as you will see, who was brought in to show us how to burn more calories while you vacuum. This struck me as so ridiculous that I shot up my hand to volunteer immediately. How could I resist the opportunity to test out a hypothetical exercise that involves VACUUMING YOUR DRAPES and DOING ONE-ARMED DIPS? AT THE SAME TIME! I could not. I could not resist. As you can see, my self esteem fully recovered and I went through the motions that really got my heart rate going, but at the end of the day look, as one of the other attendees wrote, like something that would be on Showtime After Dark.

My companion volunteer is Tanis.

What say you, guys? Are you thinking, Well, isn’t that smart? Exercising while cleaning! Or are you thinking something else? Honesty wins points.

P.S. All travel and accommodations were provided by Kenmore. I also received a Kenmore small appliance for my participation in the Kenmore Blogger Summit 2012.