An uncommon iPhone case

Everyone loves a cute case for their smart phone, right?

Wrong! Men do not. They do not want a cute case for their iPhones. Which is why today I am rounding up a few choices for manly iPhone cases.

When uncommon offered me a chance to try their custom iPhone case ordering system, I was excited to create one for my husband. But then it got hard. A picture of the kids? Too cute. A picture of me? Too weird. His favorite sports team? Too logo-y. A solid color? Ok, but not really taking advantage of the ability to do a custom case. So here’s what I settled on.

I used a photo editing program to drop the color out of the photo and then I reduced the contrast a tone so that the design on the phone would be a lot more subtle than a vivid family photo. I know it’s still a bit much for him on an every day basis, but when he travels for business, he takes that cover with him.

Here are a few other manly cases I’ve spotted recently:

For the Spider-Man lover who has outgrown his Spider-Man lunchbox:

by Hard Candy on

For the man who is more daring when it comes to texture than color:

by chilewich, via CoolMomTech

For lovers of hardwood floors. (God, who wrote this copy? Oh, me.)

from J.Crew

Another fun but totally not cute choice:

From incase on

What say you? Do you rock a hot pink cell phone case? I do. What does your partner have? What’s a good choice for a custom case design for a dude?

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